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No Drilling
Safe & Removable

The removable magnetic wall fixing,

for hanging steel prints in seconds

Simple to attach...  Simple to remove

Instruction Video


Plan carefully where you want to hang your print. Although you can remove the magnet you won’t be able to use the same fixing twice. Only use on smooth wall surfaces. Not suitable for structured or poor quality walls.


If necessary, clean the wall surface where you intend to attach your Instafix magnet using the enclosed alcohol wipe and wait 10 minutes until it is completely dry.  

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Peel & Stick

Peel off the backing paper from the two adhesive strips on the back of your Instafix magnet. Stick it at the (approx) centre point where you wish to hang your print, pressing hard with both thumbs from the top, in a downwards action.  


Hang your metal print,

sit back and enjoy!

Diagram 1 turquoise.jpg

Removing your Instafix magnet is quick & easy


To remove, simply pull one of the tabs firmly in a downwards action whilst supporting the magnet with the other hand.   Make sure you pull the tab close to the wall. The tab will release once it stretches to about 6” (150mm).


Repeat the process for the other strip.

diagram 3 turquoise.jpg

Important Safety Information

Instafix is made for hanging steel metal prints only.


One Instafix magnet supports a maximum panel weight of 2.2lbs (1kg).


Not suitable for children under 5 years old.


Warning: This product is not designed to work on structured (ie. brick, stone, concrete) or poor quality walls. Always follow the hanging instructions overleaf. Only for use on smooth wall surfaces.  


Instafix is a solution that doesn’t require physical fixings such as nails that can damage your walls and is designed to be removable with ease. When removing Instafix, please follow the instructions above to reduce the risk of damage. However, the final outcome depends on the condition of the wall surface itself.


Recommended assembly temperature: 60°F - 85°F (15.5°C - 29.5°C)

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